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Sofies crazy addicts

I’ll start off with telling you that I’m not the best uppdater. But this blog will not be about me. I love books, seriously love books. So I’ll read books and then I’ll review them here. I’ll also review tv shows and movies. So if you have a movie/tv show/book you want me to review? Comment about it or send and e-mail to; sofie_f@hotmail.se 
The uppdates will be a little spread out here and there, it’ll depend on how many books or movies or tv shows I’ve read and how much there is going on in school.  But I can read about 6 books a week and then The books is about 400-600 pages. So I’ll always have som material for you. If you have any questions about the blog, about me, about anything between heaven and earth send an email to me or write a comment. Hope you want to read and folow my blog and the reviews  will start showing up tomorrow 😀