Twilight – Stephenie Meyer


The book is about Isabella Swan who moves from bright and sunny Phoenix to the small and rany town named Forks. There she meets the hot, mysterious and intellegent Edward Cullen. Bella is mesmerized about Edward from the moment he steps into the cafeteria. The thing is, Edward is a vampire and he can read every ones minds, eccept Bellas. Edward is intigured to why he can’t read Bellas mind and he soon falls inlove with her. But being humand and inlove with a vampire isn’t so easy. Soon there comes other vampire clans to Forks, and they want Bella.

Okay, I love this book. It’s the typical shy and kinda booring girl meets hot and swoon worthy guy and they fall in love. But soon problems starts to show up, and the question is, will they make it?

I like the love story in this book, and I like that the book never makes you bored. It is 442 pages but from the first moment you open the book to the end things happen. The book is a little bit unreal, I mean, Edward falls inlove with Bella even before he knows her, and Bella doesn’t freak out just a little bit. No, she’s cool with the whole vampires-exists thing. The book would be better if it also had some more sarcasm och witty remarks. I love Bellas relasionship with her father Charlie. Even when you don’t get to know so much about it, you can still see that Charlie loves Bella a lot and the other way around.

I still love the book, maby that’s because I’m a sucker for romance 😉

Favourite quotes: “If  I could dream at all it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it.”

” And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

“What if I’m not the superhero. What if I.”


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